Why you should hire a property manager

# Property managementDecember 02, 2020

How property management companies in Kenya help investors. Elite Management Services is a real estate and property management firm with offices in Nairobi and Kisumu. Our corporate vision is to be the market leader and your first choice provider of property management services. We pledge to offer affordable, efficient, and honest and stress free service to our investors thereby giving them peace of mind.

  • We remove the stress and hustles of chasing tenants who delay or default in payments from you enabling you to enjoy the benefits of your investment.
  • We ensure your property is in good state of repair cleanliness and maintenance thus value appreciation
  • We see to it that tenants pay when rent is due
  • We attend to tenant needs thus tenants stay longer - high tenant turnover rate is costly
  • We screen tenants in order to get good quality tenants who pay on time and are less problematic
  • We maintain proper records as our system is automated software tailored specifically for rental management.
  • We also advice you on the legal issues concerning your property and as well file returns on behalf of the landlord.
  • With our bad tenant blacklisting services, you will get the privilege of blacklisting bad tenants for free.
  • We market the property with an aim of attaining 80 to 100 percent occupation at all times

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